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Animal welfare organizations overview

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Animal welfare organizations

Animal Welfare Organizations

With part of the Supporter-Money we want to support an animal welfare organization. In the next weeks we will introduce, three animal welfare organizations with whom we met and we have conducted an interview. The interviews can be read in Tony's Blog and / or viewed as a video post here. The supporters can co-decide in the Supporter Area, which organization should be supported. The check will be handed over personally by Tony. Tony & Carmelo will also monitor what exactly happens with the donation.

The following organizations will be presented in the coming weeks:

  • Pfötchenretter e.V.
  • Tiertafel Deutschland e.V.
  • Streichelbande e.V.

The three organizations perceive different tasks in animal welfare.

Accessoires Anzeige

Pfötchenretter e.V. has made it their mission to help abandoned and abused dogs abroad. In addition to the adoptions they try to support local animal rights activists with castration and education programs. Help will also be provided locally in Germany. They support animal shelters and private individuals and give assistance in mediating dogs.

Tiertafel Deutschland e.V. helps fellow citizens who are not financially or physically, short term or long term, be able to feed and to maintain their pets healthy and humanely. Here they have nationwide distribution centers, where pet food is regularly issued to the needy.


Streichelbande e.V. visits different institutions in the metropolitan area of Munich with their dogs. During the month there are about 300 visits (as of 2012). These include Retirement Homes, facilities for disabled children, young people and adults, psychiatric day care centers, kindergartens and schools as well as individual visits to people who are lonely.

In the coming weeks we will publish the interviews (article and video post) that we have had with these organizations here in Tony's Blog. Thus, each individual supporter can get an idea of the associations and thus better decide exactly whom should we support.


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