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  • How do I recognize a reputable dog breeder? Part 1/3 - Appropriate pre-selection and first contact

How do I recognize a reputable dog breeder? Part 1/3 - Appropriate pre-selection and first contact

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How do I recognize a reputable dog breeder? Part 1/3 - Appropriate pre-selection and first contact


Dogs are loyal companions and wonderful pets. If you decide, together with your family, to get a dog and also know which dog / breed it should be, then only one question remains unanswered: "Should the dog come from a shelter or from a reputable dog breeder?"

How do I recognize a reputable dog breeder - Tony the pugTony as a little and cute puppy


If your decision is for a reputable dog breeder and you have yourself fully informed about the breed of your future dog, then the question remains how to recognize a reputable breeder?
In this three-part article series I will show you how to find an appropriate dog breeder and what is important to look for in the choosing process. In the third part, I will present you a check list that shows a good overview of the main topics which you should consider when buying a dog from a dog breeder. In this part, I dedicate myself to the correct pre-selection and the first contact with the breeder.


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Make a pre-selection

It is particularly advantageous if you get a reputable dog breeder address out of your circle of friends or acquaintances. Since it is not usually the case, your search will very probably start on the internet.

The correct search

Regard, that the breeder belongs to a breed club like the American Kennel Club (AKC). Although this is not a one hundred percent guarantee that you will find a reputable dog breeder.  There can also be "black sheeps" here, but you have a high probability to find an appropriate breeder. A breed warden of the Association watches over that the parents are healthy and not very closely related. Furthermore, the control measures of the breed clubs prevent mass production at the cost of the health of the dogs. It is very advantageous to find a breeder who lives not too far from where you live, because you should visit him before buying a dog. The breed list by AKC can be very helpful.


Unfortunately, here in Europe, mostly from the Eastern European region, the market with purebred dogs that are offered at bargain prices is growing . Behind this very often hide dog dealers who are not at all interested in the dogs and the health of the dogs. The puppies are also often ceded too early (with 6 or 7 weeks) and are usually not socialized, wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.


These are very often unscrupulous dog dealers who abuse female dogs as bear machines to generate much profit as possible. Such dogs appear very often in the classifieds on the Internet that are decorated with cute puppy pictures. This breed dogs are offered from 200 €. The animals are not transported appropriately to their destination and are sold in parking lots, markets, out of the trunk or even delivered to your home. Attention to such unscrupulous dog dealers! By buying one of these puppies you support animal cruelty and you usually get a sick puppy.

From a recognized breeder you usually pay for a purebred dog from 600 € and more (up to 1,500 €). All amounts significantly below that are not current and therefore dubious.





The first contact with the breeder

If you have found some breeders in your search, then do a first telephone conversation with them. Telephone with several breeders and visit them if possibly. So you can make comparisons. You will certainly find big differences.

Reputable dog breeders will take time and will answer all the questions that you ask them. They will tell you voluntarily a lot about the breed and their breeding. They will also extensively questioning you according to your living circumstances, family relationships, to your previous experience with dogs as well as with your ideas that you have of the future family member. This is good evidence that the breeder has a strong interest that his puppies come in good hands. If there are no questions by the breeder, then you can assume that he wants only making money.

A responsible breeder is looking for suitable owners that he wants to meet personally. He also attaches great importance that his puppies have a good lifetime in their new home. Consequently, after the first contact you will often be invited by the breeder. Here you will have the opportunity to gain first impressions on the spot and get to know the environment in which the puppies will grow up. Hereto more on the second part.

Particularly conscientious breeders are planning a litter only when they already have enough people interested that they could get to know. In such cases, the puppies are promised before the litter.

Ask questions

On first contact, it is equally important to question the breeder thoroughly. Ask him according to his previous experience in breeding, how many puppies he cared currently and whether he breeds different races. A reputable breeder usually breeds only with one race (maximum two) and always takes care of just one litter of puppies. It is not a good sign if the breeder tells you that he has always puppies available.




If puppies should already be there, ask him how the pregnancy and birth proceeded and whether there were problems. If all the puppies are healthy or some have died. It is quite possible that puppies die at birth or afterwards. The breeder should be able to explain this to you. The cause of death should have been determined by a veterinarian so that abnormalities or infectious diseases can be excluded.

Ask also if the mother has enough milk for all the puppies and if she takes care of their offspring. If there are more puppies than teats (usually more than eight), it may happen that the breeder must feed additional with the bottle. Here, much experience is necessary to ensure that no mistakes are made.

On the second part I will deal with the impression on the spot at the breeder and what to pay attention to. For this purpose, I will specifically go into detail of the environment on the spot, the breeder, breeding conditions, the mother dog and the puppies.

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