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  • How do I recognize a reputable dog breeder? Part 3/3 - Checklist - Tips

How do I recognize a reputable dog breeder? Part 3/3 - Checklist - Tips

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How do I recognize a reputable dog breeder? Part 3/3 - Checklist - Questions - Tips


To find a reputable dog breeder, you have to consider several things. You have to take a right pre-selection (see Part 1) and get an impression by visiting the breeder (see Part 2). Here, the right questions should be asked.


Tony der Mops als WelpeLittle Tony with 10 Weeks

The first part of this three part articles - series was about the right pre-selection and the first contact with the breeder. In the second part you have learned what to look for when visiting the breeder. The last part, it's about asking the right questions. For the visit at the breeder you can download the helpful checklist for free on our Facebook page and use it as a guide.


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Asking the right questions

When the puppies are handed off?

Here, the correct answer should be no earlier than the eighth week.

What activities are undertaken with the puppies?

The socialization period of puppies is starting from the fourth week. The breeder should at this stage, for example, take the puppies car-riding, playing with kids and toys, have contact with other dogs and / or pets, cuddle, play, etc., so that they see everyday life and things as normal and get used to it. A first bath and thus contact with water are equally important.


Have the mother dog and the puppies been dewormed?

The mother dog should be dewormed already during pregnancy and lactation, as some worms can be transmitted in utero or while suckling to the puppies. When you get the puppies they should be several times dewormed. Common is a deworming in the second, fourth and sixth week of life.

What do the puppies get to eat?

Up from the fourth week the puppies should get, in addition to mother’s milk, high quality puppy food. From the seventh week the puppies have completely weaned from mother's milk.

Have the puppies been vaccinated and microchipped prior you get them?

At eight weeks, the puppies will be vaccinated and microchipped. Here they get a vaccination certificate or an EU pet passport. This you should get from the breeder when picking up your pup.

Which puppy would you reccomend?

A good breeder will ensure that the characters and the energy level of the dog and the future holder match. After the fifth week the character building of the puppies begins. The breeder will recommend to dog beginners more a submissive puppy than a dominant.





I have created a eight site checklist that covers all the important topics, on what to look for when you acquire a dog from a breeder.

The helpful checklist can be downloaded for free on our Facebook-Page.

With the knowledge of this three-part articles-series and the helpful checklist you will have good indications to find a reputable breeder.

To the Checklist.

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