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Initial equipment for the dog - What you should have at home

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Initial equipment for the dog - What you should have at home

When purchasing a dog, you need certain basic facilities that should be available before the dogs moves in. Your new friend should feel right at home, after all. In addition, the home must also be made dog safe. Find out what things you definitely need if your new friend moves in with you.

Tony the Pug with initial equipment for dogsTony with initial equipment for dogs

Equipment for home

Food and water bowls

You need a bowl for the food and one for water. The bowls should not be made of plastic but, for hygienic reasons, of steel or ceramic, as these can be easily cleaned. Furthermore, the bowls should be slip resistant. Here the bowls have rubber feet or rings. If you want to purchase a medium or large dog, height-adjustable feeding bowls are ideal. These you can then adjust to the size of your four-legged friend. Thus you avoid stresses on the joints and the dog can eat in peace without having to go to his knees. Your dog will thank you.




Baskets and Dog Blanket

The puppy or already adult dog needs a place to sleep. Here, there are commercially different variants available, such as baskets or dog beds. In the basket then you will put a dog pillow with a blanket.

The dog pillow, blanket or dog bed should be washed regularly. The best way to position the basket or dog bed is to a place where not consistently someone walks by and there also is no draft.


Suitable Toys

Each dog has an innate play instinct. Dogs are mad about playing and sometimes up into high age. Toys increase the comfort factor of the dog. For puppies playing is particularly important.

On the one hand, they can employ themselves and chew on toys, which also facilitates the change of teeth and on the other hand they can play with you. The toy can also be used as a wonderful educational tool. Also, the apartment facility will be spared.

There a lot of suitable toys for the dog for at home or on the go. Balls, tug knots, chewing bones, rubber toys, etc. Just not everything on offer is absolutely suitable for puppies or dogs in general. You must pay attention to some:

  • The toy should not be made of small pieces that can bite off and swallow by the dog. Even small balls can be dangerous here.
  • It should have no sharp edges.
  • It must be solid, so it can withstand the teeth and claws of the dog.
  • It must not contain any toxic substances.

Care equipment for the dog

That the care of the dog is important goes without saying. For this reason you need some utensils for grooming and for the tooth, ear, eye and claw care. Dogs with short hair are very easy to clean. The following products you should own for the dogs care at home:

  • Dog brush and comb (comb teeth should be rounded)

Further useful information and tips on Tonys-Dog-Blog: Grooming and Dog Bath, Eye-, Ear- and Dental-Care, Paw- and Claw-Care, Ticks in dogs.



Equipment for on the go

Collar and Leash

For the daily walks, you need a collar and a leash or dog harness. Here a lightweight nylon collar which is adjustable, and a six-feet leash are recommended. When buying you should remember that the collar must fit well and the dog is not somehow impeded. There are collars that are fed from the inside. The leash should fit in width and weight to the dog, and thus not be too heavy for him. It is best to take the dog with you when buying.

Also popular are flexi-leashes, which offer the dog freedom of movement. But because the leash is also used for educational activities, it is less recommended for the beginning. The initial equipment, depending on the breed of the dog, will fit until the fourth to the eighth month, then you need to get bigger stuff.

Dog waste bags

For this, there are inexpensive dispenser that you can carry when going for a walk.

Pet carrier and seat belt (car blanket)

If your dog is transported in the car, he needs a pet carrier or a seat belt, which can be attached to the collar or on the dog harness. When you should use a seat belt, a blanket is recommended.

Nutrition (food, chew bones, treats)

Nutrition is actually a subject in itself. Here you can find more articles in the section Care & Nutrition. It is important that your dog does not get a low-quality food, but a balanced diet. If the puppy moves in with you, feed him with the same brand of puppy food from the breeder, so no adjustment problems, such as diarrhea occur. Reputable breeders provide the feed for the first week. Initially, the daily requirement is spread over four meals. For dental care chewing bones are very well suited.

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