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Requirements and Tips for a dog acquirement Part 1/2

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Requirements and Tips for a dog acquirement Part 1/2

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Dogs are great animals that enrich people's lifes. If you've had a dog, then you can no longer imagine life without your Fiffy. -For me it is definitely so, I need my piglet (Tony) on my side. –



Nevertheless, you have to think twice about an acquirement of a dog and it should not be a spontaneous decision. You must be aware that a dog changes your life. Before you get a dog for the first time in your home, it is very important that it is discussed with the entire family, whether the dog really fits into your lifestyle / your family. It is a bond, depending on the breed of dog, for the next 10-15 years. Under no circumstances it should be a Christmas or birthday gift for kids (or adults) who want a dog. You must be aware that a dog is a pack animal and creature that needs the contact, care, patience, consequent and loving training, the time and the love of people.

The following checklist will help you in making that decision:

1) Do all family members agree with the acquirement of a dog?

This question should not be underestimated. If the dog will live in a family with several people, all family members must agree to the acquirement. It should be clarified in advance, if everyone is willing to take care of the animal and to take responsibility. These include, for example, the daily provision of food, the walks, the education and care of the dog and the regular vet visit. If some family members do not agree, the dog will feel the dislike.

2) Is the entire family ready and able for the next 10-15 years to take care of the dog?

A dog at home will change significantly the family life. You have to provide for the entire life of the creature. This refers to the basic willingness to take care of a dog's life, even if it is sick or old. This is the basic requirement if you consider to get a dog.

3)  Do I have enough time for the dog? Is it guaranteed that at least one family member walks the dog daily and deals species -appropriate?

In order to have an optimal life companion, the dog owner must be pack leader from day one.
The pack leader is responsible for education/training, sufficient movement (walking), the care and affection of the dog. All this of course requires a lot of time, discipline and perseverance. Especially with puppies, the owner have to invest a lot of time in education.

The daily movement of the dog must be at least 1.5 - 2 hours per day. The exercise / movement is very important for the physical and mental balance. A good time for training exercises with the dog is after the walk. Here, the dog has consumed excess energy and can thus better focus on the exercises. It goes without saying that walks with the dog must be made in any season and with any weather.


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4) Has the dog enough company?

Especially a puppy needs a close and intensive contact with humans. This should be particularly guaranteed in the first six months. But even with adult dogs, the dog should not be left alone for more than 4-5 hours per day. Should it be the case, then you shouldn´t get a dog for now.

5) If you live in a rented apartment or tenement: Is it allowed to keep dogs?

If you live in a rented apartment, clarify in advance whether a dog may be held. Best let you provide a written approval from the owner. If you are an apartment owner, this does not necessarily mean that you have the right to keep a dog. In the owner-agreements you have to find out if a dog may be held.


6)  Do I want to take my dog on holiday? Or do I have an accommodation for this time (e.g. relatives / friends that can take care of the dog)?

If you decide to take the dog on holiday, then you have to clarify many things in advance. Are in the hotel / holiday home dogs allowed? Which arrival is planned? What are the entry requirements for dogs in the country? In EU countries, the dog must be, for example, micro-chipped, vaccinated against rabies and needs an EU pet passport. The most important thing is that you plan the trip in ways that dogs and humans have a great time together.

If you leave the dog at home, you have to consider where you will accommodate him. The most ideal solution is to stay with relatives or friends who already know the dog and where the dog feels comfortable. A boarding kennel or dog sitter would also be an alternative, but I would not take necessarily this alternative in consideration for my dog. For the dog, it is of advantage if he knows such stays from a young age.

In the second part nine important questions will be answered that are important for a decision to acquire a dog.

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