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Requirements and Tips for a dog acquirement Part 2/2

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Requirements and Tips for a dog acquirement Part 2/2

Tony der Mops als Welpe



In the first part six important questions were answered. In the second part of this article series nine other important questions are answered that are essential when deciding for the acquisition of a dog.


7) Can I afford a dog financially? Am I able to bear unexpected costs (e.g. high vet bills)?

The costs of acquiring and keeping a dog are often underestimated. The main elements of expenditure are:

Acquisition costs
The acquisition costs are definitely the smallest element. Reputable dog breeders require, depending on the breed of dog about 700 - 2000 euros.

Basic equipment for a dog
The basic equipment includes, for example, food and water bowls, the food itself, baskets, blankets, pillows, toys, leash, collar, comb for grooming, transport utensils such as seat belt or transport and medical aids (antiflea product, tick removal, flea comb, etc.). The cost of these utensils are, in about, several hundred euros.


Costs of food
The costs for the food and treats are incurred on a regular basis. Here, of course, the rule is: A large dog needs more food than a small one. Depending on the quality of the food the price will vary. I personally cook often for Tony. Sometimes he gets a juicy steak or chicken with rice and vegetables (of course without salt & pepper).

Veterinary costs
Veterinary costs that every dog owner must consider are: costs of regular vaccinations, worming, tests and any medications for prevention. Here you can assume 100-200 euros a year. Of course, there are also costs that you can not foresee, for example, if the dog gets ill, has an accident or needs a surgery. Here high veterinary costs may be incurred. To be prepared for such moment, you can for example put monthly a certain amount of money aside.


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Taxes and Insurance
In every community or city in Germany there are different dog regulations that specify the exact tax rate for dogs. Here you can directly contact your responsible Public Order Office. If you effect a dog owner liability insurance, these will cost between 5-10 euros a month. This insurance can be useful if your dog causes damage to third party property or an accident.

Dog School
For the education of the dog a dog obedience school is advisable. Here you can learn as a dog owner many useful things and your dog has contact and ways to play with other dogs, which is very important for its socialization. Here, the costs are roughly between 50-250 euros for such courses that go over several weeks.

8) Which dog regulations / dog tax rates are in my community and state? Can I fulfill these requirements?
As already described in Germany there is no uniform dog regulation. This is different in each community. For accurate information about the dog tax or special rules in your town / city, you can contact the Public Order Office in your community.



9) Am I willing to devote myself with the topic dog training? May also visit a dog training school? (And with children in the household: to teach them how to deal with the dog?)
The education of a dog is very important. Only through a consistent and loving education, a dog can behave well towards people and animals. Especially for people who have a dog for the first time, a visit to a dog training school is highly recommended. Here you can learn how to deal with your dog and you can learn the necessary consequence that you need for the right education. Furthermore a dog trainer can take notice on behaviors of your dog and you can learn to react appropriately, so that man and dog are a team. For puppies, there are also specifically puppy groups. Here the little ones can play and romp with each other. This of course promotes their socialization with other dogs.

10) Is all the family willing to take care of the dog if he is old and / or sick?
Every dog is aging and brings changes. The dog is in old age not playing anymore as he was young, maybe he can not walk as well or his senses diminish. Actually it is the same process as for humans. During this time, it may happen that he often has to go to the vet. Are you ready to take care of your best friend with a lot of love and care?  Save 80% on Pet Medications


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11) Is anyone in the family allergic to animal hair?
This should certainly be clarified before the acquisition of the dog, if you do not know yet.

12) Are our other pets compatible with dogs?

13) Is it guaranteed that someone in the family is there for the dog, if he is sick and needs care or you get sick (e.g. hospital stay)?
It may happen that the dog example needs surgery. After surgery you should especially take care of the dog the next days. Is this in your present family situation (because of the job) at all possible. Or do you have someone in such cases? Relatives or friends who can do that for you.
The same of course applies to the opposite case, if you're going long-term sick.

14)   Is my neighborhood dog-friendly? Can I socialize my new dog good here?
Which dogs are in the neighborhood and how well socialized are these? Are there ways to meet them, so that the dogs can play together? Are there parks, fields or woods in my area where I can walk the dog?



15) Are you willing to inform you on Tony's Blog about dealing with dogs regularly? :-)

As you already know,  interesting and useful articles will be published here in Tony's Blog regularly that will help you to understand better your dog and the dealing with your dog. I would be happy if you stopping by from time to time.

If you are aware about these points with the entire family, then it is necessary to consider what dog or breed of dog fits to the family . There are new questions. Should the dog come from the animal shelter or the breeder? How can I recognize a reputable dog breeder? What mistakes can be avoided with the acquisition of a dog / puppy? For this we will publish some articles in future.

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