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Alternative for the food bowl: Healthy homemade cooking for dogs part 1/2

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Alternative for the food bowl: Healthy homemade cooking for dogs part 1/2

As for humans, a balanced diet is important for a long, vital and healthy life for dogs. Dog owners are spoiled for choice in dog food today. But how is it, if you want to cook by yourself for your sweetheart? What do you have to consider I will describe in this article.


homemade cooking for dogs 

The offer of finished feed, whether wet or dry food is nowadays huge. With the advantages and disadvantages of finished feed or raw food (BARF), I will deal in a separate article. This article is about home-cooked food for the four-legged friends.

A healthy dog

If a dog gets a balanced and healthy diet, you can see this on several factors. The dog has soft, shiny and odorless coat and healthy skin, has bright eyes, has normal weight, has no foul smelling breath, is, according to his age, powerful, places, apart from exceptional cases, one to three times daily firm and dry faeces and eats, apart from exceptional cases, his food with good appetite.

Cooking healthy homemade food

As an alternative to finished feed or for dogs that suffer from certain allergies, home-cooked meals are a good alternative. But even if you want to avoid artificial preservatives or chemical additives that are often included in industrially produced food, is homemade food ideal. With proper knowledge about the composition of foods you can provide for your dog through home-cooked meals a balanced and healthy diet.

As a recommendation for homemade meals the next feed groups should be included, so that it is balanced and healthy for your dog:

  • A carbohydrate and crude fiber source
  • A source of protein of animal origin
  • A source of fat
  • A source of minerals
  • A vitamin and trace element source




Carbohydrate source

Here you can take boiled potatoes, corn, rice, wheat or pasta made from durum wheat semolina. These have approximately the same calories as, but differ in protein, fiber, or fat content.

A higher protein content can be achieved by exchanging one cereal sort with soya beans. While a higher fiber content can be increased, however, by adding peas or edible bran. The ratio of carbohydrates to protein should be 2:1 to 3:1.

Protein source

Good protein sources are meat and meat products and egg protein. Animal muscle meat has a similar structured amino acid profile and is highly digestible for dogs.

Such meat sources can be replaced freely with each other, if the dog has no incompatibilities with this feed.

Likewise liver can be fed that even exhibits a better amino acid profile than muscle meat. If the dog has incompatibilities with meat products, so the source of protein can be obtained from egg protein.

The meat content should be about 30% for. It is important to feed not too much meat. A common error with home cooked dog food is that too much meat is fed. Thus, the dog takes too much protein and too little calories, calcium and trace elements. Many meat and carbohydrate sources also include too much phosphate, which inhibits the absorption of calcium. The ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio is 1.3: 1.

In the second part I present the remaining nutrient sources and add one exclusive dog recipe from Tony's Dog Cookbook (currently available only in German).

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