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Alternative for the food bowl: Healthy homemade cooking for dogs part 2/2

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Alternative for the food bowl: Healthy homemade cooking for dogs part 2/2

The first part was about the carbohydrat and protein source for homemade food for dogs. In this part, I introduce the other nutrient sources. In addition, you get exclusively a great recipe from Tony's Dog Cookbook.


Homemade food for dogs - Tony the Pug 

Fat source

If the protein source is extremely low in fat, so it is recommended to add an additional source of fat in the ration. This ensures that sufficient essential fatty acids and a sufficient energy density are present.

The fat content should be at least 2% in the total ration. The fat content varies in different meat products. With ground beef, the fat content is, for example, 10 to 25%. This depends on whether the meat is extra lean, lean, or average. Dogs can digest fats very well.

Suitable fat sources: Cooked beef or chicken fat, chicken skin, fish oils, such as of tuna or sardines, vegetable oils, which should be best cold pressed, such as Olive oil, safflower oil or corn oil.




Mineral source

In foods, such as meat and fish products, fruits, vegetables, cheese products, etc. minerals occur. The supply of minerals can often be unbalanced with home cooked food.

Mostly it comes specifically to a calcium deficiency. As in the first part described an excessively high proportion of meat results in an increased phosphorus content, which in turn inhibits the absorption of calcium. Here, the addition of calcium carbonate can help (2 g per 15 kg weight per day).

Vitamin source

Most vitamins are found in fruit, vegetables and animal products. If you decide exclusively or mostly to feed your dog with home cooked food, possibly vitamin and mineral supplements would come into question. Here you can get the best advice from your veterinarian.

Other things to consider

You also have to make sure that the dog gets no hazardous or toxic food. The cooked food should be served in any case in room temperature.

Likewise, you should not serve cold food straight from the fridge. If you cook several numbers of servings and then deep freeze the rest, the cooking of dog food is only once a little time consuming.

Recipe from Tony's Dog Cookbook: Tony's Grilled Chicken

Preparation time: 20 minutes

For a nice barbecue with your dog friends Tony’s Grilled Chicken are ideal for the dogs gang. The dish will perfectly completed with rice, peas and carrots. Juuhuu! I love barbeque parties!

Hunderezept - Tonys Grilled Chicken


  • 100 grams of chicken breast
  • 2 tablespoons rice
  • 1 tablespoon peas
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

This corresponds to a daily ration of a small dog (8-10kg).


Boil the rice, peas and finely chopped carrot soft.

Fry the chicken breast in a grill pan without oil. At the end you can add the cooked vegetables and the rice to the grill pan and fry it briefly. Remove it from the hot plate and let it cool down, then add some olive oil over it. It’s done!

Tony's Tip: Chicken breast is very low in fat. Carrots are rich in fiber and minerals. They contain vitamin A and are easy to digest for dogs.

For more great recipes and lots of useful nutrition tips for dogs, you will find in Tony’s Dog Cookbook - Delicious, quick & healthy gourmet recipes for dogs. Currently Tony’s Dog Cookbook is only available in German. An English version is in the works.

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