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General tips for the care of a dog Part 1/3 - Grooming and Dog Bath

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General tips for the care of a dog Part 1/3 - Grooming and Dog Bath


Tony der Mops - Allgemeine HundepflegeTony bathing

In this three-part article series, I want to introduce some important tips for dog grooming. In the first part I will focus on grooming and bathing. In the second part you will get useful tips for eyes, ears and teeth care. In the third part I will write about the paws and claws care.

Just like humans, our furry friends also need an extensive care. This increases not just the welfare of the dog, but intensifies the human-dog relationship. Through regular care, parasites like ticks or any injuries can be detected early and removed or treated.


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The dog's fur serves as protection against heat and cold. With regular brushing in the direction of the fur, it remains light and fluffy. In spring and autumn the fur changes. In autumn, the dense winter fur grows. In spring it is shed again. The brush is particularly important at this time since fallen hairs are removed and the underlying skin can breathe better. Also, the blood circulation is promoted through the brush, and the growth is supported. Most dogs see the brush as a welcome massage and enjoy it. Ideally, you should have used your dog as a puppy with brushing and reward him after every grooming with a treat or play.




Depending on the breed, it is not done with only brushes. Long-haired dogs should be combed daily. Otherwise the fur will become matted and in an extreme case it must be sheared. For shorthaired dogs, it is enough to brush them once a week. Best suited for this purpose is a comb or dog brush . Some breeds such as the poodle must additionally be trimmed or sheared. That should be done professional by a dog parlor.

The grooming can very well be used to browse the dog for skin irritation, parasites or injuries. So problems can be identified quickly and you can go on time to the vet. Bald areas in the fur indicate a skin infection. For a lackluster and dead fur there can be several causes, such as wrong food, organic damage or stress. A shiny fur is usually an indicator of a good health condition of the dog.




Dog bath

Dogs should not be bathed too often. It is enough for the dog, depending on his fur and with adequate grooming, to bath him a few times a year with a suitable dog shampoo. These you can apply on the body and legs, like a massage, until it foams. This stimulates the blood circulation of the skin. Then rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Ears and eyes should not come in contact with the shampoo. At the end the dog should be rubbed dry with a towel. The bath should ideally have a non-slip surface, otherwise the dog will quickly lose the pleasure of bathing. Likewise, no shower with high water pressure should be used, but the rain setting with low water pressure.

Frequent bathing destroys the natural protective layer of the skin and allows it to be lusterless. Even with open wounds bathing should be avoided. On warm weather it is the best for the four-legged friend to take a bath in a clean lake.




In the cold season, a dog bath is not really recommendable. The fur dries slowly and the protective layer of fat needs more time to recover. If your dog wallows in winter in the mud, it is better to dry him with highly absorbent towels and then to clean the dirt with a brush or comb.

When Tony is bathing, I take a shower with him. So I could better build confidence and gave him more security. Since then, he has no aversion for bathing and enjoys the shampoo massage. After I dried him, he runs through the entire apartment and is happy. That's each time a great fun to watch him.

In the second part of this article series I will write about eyes, ears and teeth care by giving you useful tips.

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