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General tips for the care of a dog Part 2/3 - Eye, ear and dental care

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General tips for the care of a dog Part 2/3 - Eye, ear and dental care


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In this three-part article series, I want to introduce some important tips for dog grooming. In the first part I focused on grooming and bathing. In the second part you will get useful tips for eye, ear and dental care. In the third part, I will deal with the paw and claw care.




Eye, ear and dental care

The eyes, ears and teeth of your dog should be viewed regularly. The care and health of your dog belong together. It is best for the four-legged friend to get used to be grabbed anywhere as a puppy in a playful way, so that he is already familiar when it goes to the care.

Eye care

At the corner of the eye it can be found, especially in the morning, secretion remains. These can be easily removed with a paper towel or eye cleaning pad. Cotton swabs should not be used because the dog could abruptly twitch and get hurt. If it should be an unusual amount of discharge or pus, you should consult a veterinarian.

The eyes should be clear of debris and the surrounding skin should not be unusually red. Typical signs of eye diseases are still conspicuously frequent blinking or squinting of the eyes, but also the frequent touching of the affected eye with the paw. Many breeds, such as the pug, the french or english bulldog have face wrinkles that need to be cleaned thoroughly every day, because here dirt and bacteria can store.

Ear care

The ears of the dog should also be checked regularly. You look at whether they are clean, if not, you can clean the inside of the ear with a soft cloth or ear clean pads. In no case you should stuck the cloth deep in the ear or use cotton swabs. They would damage the complex auditory canal of the animal. If the ear smells also unpleasant, you notice a noticeable shaking or an unbalanced posture of the head, then this indicates an ear infection or a foreign body in the ears and you should consult a veterinarian.


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However, you should not attempt to experiment in the ear because usually that brings more damage. For dogs that are prone to heavy soiling of the ears, you can clean the ears regularly with dog ear cleaner. This usually brings good results and thus prevents irritation and ear diseases.



Dental care

The teeth of the dog should be controlled for signs of tartar and inflammation. Depending on the predisposition, just as like humans, some dogs tend for tartar, others do not. For prevention there are many articles commercially available. There are also special dog toys to remove dental plaque. These are some hard rubber products, like Dental Kong or chew products like rawhide bones or dental sticks.

For your four-legged friend it is best to give something hard to chew from time to time. If this is insufficient and your dog is prone to tartar, then you can ask the vet and let you show how to brush your dog's teeth and removing plaque by yourself. There are special dog toothbrushes and dog toothpaste. Here it is, as with all illnesses: Prevention is the best medicine.

In the third and final part of this article series I will deal with paws and claws care by giving you useful tips. Tips about acquiring a dog you will find on our  article series, " Requirements and Tips for a dog acquirement Part 1" and "Part 2".

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