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Healthy nutrition

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Healthy nutrition


Tony the pug thinks about healthy nutrition


Dogs love to eat, but our four-legged friends quickly brings a few pounds too much on the scale. This can bring diseases and physical limitations, which ultimately shorten the time with mum and dad. Every dog should be feed healthy and balanced. Of course, the diet depends of the breed, age, and physical activity of the dog.

Finished feed
The finished feed, so industrially manufactured feed, offers many advantages. In the finished feed of renowned manufacturers, the balanced diet is guaranteed. The prepared food can be roughly divided into three categories:

Complete food: This food does not need any supplements. It contains all the necessary nutrients. Addition of food may be harmful to the dog, even as an oversupply of vitamins or minerals such as Calcium is just as unhealthy as a deficiency. Complete feed will, depending on water content, divided into wet, semi-wet and dry food.
Supplementary food: In addition to food, is to be mixed with cereals fresh meat or canned food.
Goodies: Feed supplement include for example chew bones or dog biscuits. These are very important for the teeth of the dog. Each additional feed and treat should be included in the daily ration.




Home-made food
It is not easy to cook the right food for your four-legged friend. Good meat and some green is not enough! It requires an extensive knowledge of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed by the dog. But how can you be sure that all of these substances are present in the self-cooked food? Particularly suitable are preparation. These include, depending on the preparation, minerals and vitamins that are essential for a balanced diet of the dog. Such preparations can be found in dog stores, or you can ask the Vet.

Only meat is unhealthy
Dogs love meat but for our four-legged friend it is not healthy to be fed exclusively of meat. Such a monotonous diet can cause intestinal problems or a pathological change in bone metabolism. Also the quality of the fur of your dog suffers. The reason is that not all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals are present. So it makes sense, in addition to the meat to feed a variety of plant foods. The mixing ratio between meat and plant foods depends on the dog's age and physical activity.


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Time to eat
When is it time to eat? This depends on the age of the dog.
Puppies: A small puppy gets its daily ration four times a day.
Young Dog: The young dog (7th Months) gets the daily ration three times a day.
Grown Dog: The adult dog gets its daily ration only in two portions.
It is recommended to have fixed feeding times. So the organism of the dog can be prepared for the coming food. The absorption and digestion of the food can be improved. Resting after meals is very important because there is a major risk of stomach torsion.

Feed conversion
If you change the feed, then only slowly and gradually. Quick conversion could cause digestive problems, because the institutions can only slowly adapt to the changing food. So gradually mix the new food with the old food and of course ensure the correct amount.

Fresh water is the lifeblood of a healthy diet. The dog should of course always have access to fresh drinking water. The amounts of water the dog have to drink depend on the food, physical activity, and the ambient temperature. If the dog eats mostly dry food and rages a lot, it takes a lot more water. While walking you should check where your dog drinks. Especially in spring and in autumn puddles of water or natural waters are contaminated with pesticides and therefore unhealthy for the dog.



Forbidden Food
Many foods are bad for the dog. This includes for example raw pork. This can infect the dog with the Aujeszky's disease, which is harmless to humans, but can be fatal for the dog. Cooking kills the virus.
Onions are also poisoning for dogs. Whether raw or cooked, they contain substances which cause a destruction of red blood cells and can cause a life-threatening anemia.
Chocolate contains theobromine. This substance is absolute poison for dogs. It can range from vomiting and diarrhea can lead to seizures and even death of the dog.
So better stay away from the human food and feed only dog friendly food. It´s always best to ask the vet if you´re unsure!

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