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Can dogs love?

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Can dogs love?

Many dog owners are sure that dogs have emotions and feelings. But how is it really? Can dogs love? Can they feel similar feelings like humans?



Can dogs love - Tony the Pug 

Dogs have emotions

Behavioral science distinguishes emotions such as fear and joy, and feelings, such as anger, envy, sorrow and love. Emotions can be measured by a nuclear spin or a magnetic resonance tomograph. It has been proved definitely that dogs can feel emotions such as fear and joy. Feelings can not be proven scientifically.

Many behavioral scientists have doubts if dogs can feel complex emotions. However, the research team, Rebecca Johnson and John Odedaal proved that dogs like extremely to stay close to their owners. The scientists studied pairs of dogs and humans. They came to an amazing result.



Increase of happiness hormones in humans and dogs

When man and dog were staying silence in a room for twenty minutes, the happiness hormones level rose on both while stress hormones levels dropped.

In mutual devotion between man and dog the happiness hormone levels rose once more. This effect was already known in humans, but not in dogs.

To what extent dogs feel love like humans can be answered only by a dog himself. It is certain that dogs in the presence of the owner or during mutual affection also have an increase of endorphins, like humans. Whether we call it love or not. Love is felt by every people different, anyway.

Due to the increased release of happiness hormones, it is for dogs just a great feeling, as for loving dog owners. So you should enjoy the time with your best friend completely and leave some scientists continue to doubt it.

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