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Can dogs see colors?

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Can dogs see colors?

Among dog owners, the opinion is widespread that dogs are color blind and can only see shades of gray. Is it really so? Find out the answer in this article.




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Dogs can see colors

The opinion of many dog owners that dogs can only perceive black and white tones visually, is wrong. Dogs can see colors, but not as intense and varied as the human eye.

At the University of California at Santa Barbara has been tested, how dogs can perceive colors. In this case, the animals were shown one after the other color plates. Two of the panels had the same color, the third in a different color. The dog should touch with the nose or paw the different colored panel. With the right solution, a food reward came out, who fell into a bowl below the color plate.



The researchers were able to prove that dogs can see colors, just not as marked as humans do. Dogs perceive the colors mainly as yellow, blue and gray. Green, yellow and orange are perceived as yellowish, while violet blue and blue-green are perceived as gray. Dogs are accordingly red-green-blind.


Difference is based in the number of cones in the eye

Humans and dogs have in the eye special cells that are sensitive to light and respond to colors. These are called cones. While humans have three different types of cones, dogs have only two types.

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Through the linked activities of the various cones, various colors are perceived by the eye. Characterized that humans have a cone more, more colors can be perceived.

The majority color blindness in humans usually occurs by the fact that a cone is missing. Just as in dogs, a human with two types of cones still can recognize colors, but far less than people with three types of cones.

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