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Can dogs smile?

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Can dogs smile?

The one or the other dog owner has been able to see the own dog smiling. Was it just an imagination or can dogs really smile?

Can dogs smile - Tony the PugTony smiles




A new finding from the dog research proves that dogs can smile indeed. But not every dog does. The researchers estimate that some dogs have this behavior, copied over the domestication by humans. In general, the showing of the teeth in dog language is considered to be a threat. Nevertheless, some dogs understand and recognize the laughter of the people, although they thereby showing teeth, as well affected. Man is at this moment even in the best of moods.

Thus dogs have taken over this behavior. However, they show it only to people that they like. It is astonishing that "laughing" dogs, do not show this behavior towards other dogs.


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Dogs mimic human behavior

I have often seen Tony smiling. He often smiles when I call on him to play or practice with him some commands so he get rewarded with a toy or a treat. Even when we are in the park and he gets his typical five minutes and starts to run in circles, a little smile comes out. In some dogs the laughter is expressed with the bare one’s teeth. This looks very similar to an angry dog.

The biologist Dr. Dorit Feddersen-Petersen has been researching for over twenty years in dogs, wolves and dingoes. She tries to analyze and decipher the social behavior of animals and their relationship to man. Thus, the vet specialized in behavioral science could find out that dogs mimic human behavior.



Some dog breeds are smiling more than others

In her studies she could also find out that some breeds are laughing more than others. Here, the Dalmatian, according to their results, is a breed that laughs very often. But why some breeds are smiling more than others is still unclear. This the biologist wants to find out in the near future.

Anyone can participate in this research project: "Can domestic dogs smile?" Here you have the possibility to send the biologist, photos and videos of laughing dogs and fill out a questionnaire (only in German). I'm curious what other insights, Dr. Feddersen-Petersen will find out in the future.

How is it with your dog? Have you ever seen a smile on him? If so, then write a comment.

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