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Can dogs watch TV?

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Can dogs watch TV?

Is your dog sometimes watching TV for minutes with his full attention? Surely you have also asked yourself if the dog can recognize anything at all or is able to watch television. In this article you will find out your answers.



Tony the Pug watching TVTony watching TV

In some countries there are special TV channels even for dogs. But how is it, in fact. Can dogs watch TV and recognize something on the screen? This will depend on if some conditions are fulfilled. The former professor of psychology and an expert on human-dog relationship, Stanley Coren, has dealt extensively with this issue.

The perfect dog-TV

The professor called the most important precondition that the TV should deliver a flicker-free image for dogs. Only at a frame rate of 75 Hertz, so Coren, dogs can watch TV flicker free.

This means that older televisions that usually have a lower frame rate, are not necessarily suitable for the dogs eye. The dog would perceive in this case, a series of single flickering images. Modern HD TV would provide here the optimal image and fluid motion for the dog.



What do dogs like to watch?

Dogs react very sensitively to movements. It is best when the camera angle is on par with the filmed object. Dogs can not see clearly the television pictures from the vicinity (about 30 to 50 cm).

Very popular in dogs are wildlife documentaries and programs in which animals appear. In the U.S., even the first cable program specifically for dogs, DogTV, started that is running seven days a week. There are shown all kinds of dogs, like playing ball, swimming, etc. In the background, soothing classical music is playing.

Little Tony loves animal documentaries. He is watching these broadcasts very alert and focused mostly for minutes. Here I filmed him once and a have created a little video (see below). Very amusing.


Video: Tony watching an animal documentary

However, the daily walks where the dog can sniff out new smells and can play with other dogs, is much more exciting for him than watching only passively TV.

What about your dog? Does he watch TV? Leave a comment.

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