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Why do dogs bark / growl and what they want to tell us?

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Why do dogs bark / growl and what they want to tell us?

When dogs bark, then the pitch, the duration or repetition of barking may vary. Sometimes we wish that they were able to speak human language so that we can understand them better. What our friends want to tell us with the different sounds, you will get to know in this article.


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In human languages, the meaning of exactly the same thing can be in different languages and different sounds.  “Barking”, "bellen", "bark", "abbaiare" or "ladrar" is the same meaning, but it sounds very different.

The sounds or noises that animals use within a species to communicate among themselves, are much more uniform. Here the differences are in pitch, duration and frequency (repetition of sounds).




High-pitched sounds, such as whining, have the meaning that dogs ask permission to approach or the approach of another is accepted. Deep tones, however, such as growling basically have the meaning of anger, threats or aggression, and are used as a warning signal. Dogs pay attention to the pitch of their signals and use this as a means of communication to tell something specific.


In general you can say that the length of a sound is showing that the dog has made a conscious decision for its subsequent behavior. Does a dog growl to defend his position, it is probably deeply and a longer growl. A growl done in shorter sections growl e.g. indicates fear. The dog is not sure whether he will be successful with his action.

Frequency (repetition of sounds)

The frequency of dog sounds shows a sense of excitement and urgency for the dogs. If a dog barks, for example, only one or two times, so he does not show very much interest in something. If he barks again and again countless times in succession, he is trying to tell us that it is for him a serious situation. Barking is an alarm signal.

Common barking forms in dogs

A quick succession of two or four times barking with pauses in between is the most common form of barking in dogs. It is the typical alarm barking. The dog will alert the pack, because something is going on, what you should look at.

Barking in a clear and unbroken sequence, but in a lower tone, and slower than the classic alarm barking indicates that the dog has detected a problem. It indicates a hazard and you should get ready for defense.

One or two short sharp barking sounds in high and medium pitch are the most common greeting sound and supersede the alarm barking as soon as the intruder (visitors) has been recognized as friendly. Most people are welcomed in like this from the dog if they come into the house. Then the typical greeting ritual of the dog follows.

If a dog barks a long series of individual barking sounds, each with long breaks in between, it is an indication of a lonely dog who calls for company.
If the barking sounds stuttered and like "Arr-uff" and the dog has down the front legs on the ground and his hind part stretched in the air so he asks one for playing.

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