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Why do dogs raise the leg while peeing?

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Why do dogs raise the leg while peeing?

If you observe dogs, mostly male dogs, during walks, they quite often pee on lamp posts or trees and raise the leg. Do they this in order to don’t get wet or does it have other reasons? Get the answer.


Why do dogs raise the leg while peeing - Tony the Pug

Territorial marking

An important reason why dogs, mostly males, raise the leg is not to keep the skin dry, but to mark the area. In order that this fragrance brand is perceived by as many dogs, the dog placed it on nose height for other dogs. This works best when he raises his leg.

This message they leave should be preserved as long as possible for other dogs. That's why dogs mark preferably on vertical surfaces, such as trees and lamp posts, because here the message is longer readable. This have to do with the rain. On vertical surfaces the message will not washed away so soon by the rain, as on the ground. Furthermore, the smell is more transported by the wind than in the base area.





Demonstrating dominance

In dogs, size plays an important role for the determination of dominance. Because dominance for males has a higher value than for females, they have developed the habit of raising the leg while peeing as high as possible.

The height of the urine marking indicates to other dogs something about the size of the dog, which has left the mark. The higher the mark, the more it impresses other dogs. Some dogs want to tell other dogs that they are the "biggest" in the area. Urine markings thus also serve to enhance the reputation and image-building.

With the leg raises the males begin once they are sexually mature. Also in castrated dogs the instinct of the leg raising remains.

Canine emancipation

Female dogs as opposed to males do not have an innate instinct to raise the leg while peeing. Normally the females hunker down or stretch the back leg a little forward. But it is not so unusual that we see female dogs that raise the leg while peeing. This results from the fact that they begin to imitate the males to show dominance. We can also speak of a canine emancipation.

But even if a lot of sexually active females are present in the area, it is quite possible that female dogs lift the leg. By marking they communicate their heat to other males.

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