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New Year's Eve with dog - Useful Tips

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New Year's Eve with dog - Useful Tips

For people New Year's Eve is a good time, the New Year is celebrated extensively. But many dogs are suffering and are afraid of the fireworks, and the associated bang noises. What you can do against it, so that your little friend gets better, you can read in this article.

 Silvester mit Hund - Tony der MopsNew Year's Eve with dog

In some dogs, the tension begins a few days before New Year's Eve, when the first bangers be ignited. On New Year’s Eve noise exposure reaches its climax. Here, some dogs react in panic, tremble or run restlessly through the apartment. Here you should help your friend and try to relieve the suffering.


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General Tips

  • When you go for a walk with the dog on those days he should be leashed because he could run away or would run across the street with panic from a banger.
  • Select the walking times and places (e.g. in the forest), where there are not so many bangers ignited.
  • Never let your dog during the New Year's Eve alone and do not take him on the outside, if you want to see the fireworks.
  • On New Year's Eve, you can close all the windows and let the roller shutters down, so that the dog does not see the flashes of light and the sounds are dampened. This can reduce the fear of the dog a little. In the apartment you can turn on the TV or music.




  • During the midnight time it can help if your dog is not too scared to play with him and spoil him with treats that he loves most. The dog associates the explosive sounds thus with something positive. Also, chew and swallow calms your dog in addition. Prerequisite for this is of course that he is still able to eat something.
  • Many dogs also helps to be close to "master" and "mistress". Here you can let the dog sit on the couch next to you. It is important that you radiate calm and serenity and no compassion or frantic behavior.
  • If you not have guests at home, you can also completely avoid the fireworks stress. You can drive with your dog half an hour before midnight with the car, with radio music on the highway or go to a quiet place until everything has calmed down.

D.A.P. ® - Dog Appeasing Pheromon

This calming pheromone is secreted by the mother dog three to five days after birth of the pups and formed on the mammary glands. D.A.P. is a synthetic replica of this smell messenger and can be purchased as a collar , spray or diffuser for the socket. The D.A.P. has in most cases a relaxing and calming effect on dogs and do not affect people.


The Thundershirt is a stretch coat that can be fastened to the dog's body by means of Velcro fasteners. The slight pressure that is exerted on the body, stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter oxytocin, which can induce relaxation and thus has a soothing effect on the large number of anxiety dogs. Pay attention to the Velcro on the Thundershirts, because this must be fixed so that the pleasant pressure may develop.

TTouch und TTeam® - Tellington Touch Every Animal Method

TTEAM ® includes a special body work, (Tellington Touches) solved in the special attentive touches with the hands all over the body of the animal to release tension. The intention is also to improve body awareness, stimulate the self-healing and to allow a trusting, stress-free connection with the animal. Also elastic body wraps are used to allow the concentration of the animal on you as well as to convey a sense of security and stability. Furthermore TTEAM ® includes a special ground work method. These techniques are used, among other things, for anxiety, nervousness and noise-anxiety and can be learned at designated trainers.





Noise-CDs are used for a desensitization of the dog to sounds by being accustomed gradually to the sounds. But this can not be used short term, as it is applied and trained over a longer period. There are various CDs with sounds of thunder, fireworks, etc.


If your dog is extremely panicked to fireworks and the above methods do not help, talk with your veterinarian about a dose of sedatives. There are also plant-based or medical supplies that help relax the dog. The dog should not be given sedatives that relax the muscles, because these rarely relieve anxiety and cause quite the opposite, because the dog can not move at a panic moment and fear will be increased.

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