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  • Indoor games and activities with the dog - Part 2/2

Indoor games and activities with the dog - Part 2/2

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Indoor games and activities with the dog - Part 2/2

During very cold or rainy days they are great activities that you can do with your dog at home. In the first part you've got to know different games or activities that you can do with your dog in your own home. In the second part I present more great ways that you can exercise with your best friend. These include: hide and seek games, indoor agility, intelligence toys for dogs or hearing programs against fears.


Indoor Spiele und Aktivitäten mit Hund - Tony der MopsTony and his beloved Kong

Commands and tricks to brush up or learn new

If the living together with the dog works well, we sometimes let slide our education program. Here, you can refresh the learned commands or tricks again or if they are well mastered by the dog, teach him new things. It is important that you do not overcharge the dog, reward him for success and do not punish him for not succeeding, please. Frustration and punishment does not necessarily support motivation. Two, three exercises with a play break in between is ideal.





Indoor Agility can also be practiced in the living room and is an excellent activity for dogs. In this case, your creativity has no limits, to make your personal home course. The utensils needed you have certainly at home. For the course you can use chairs, books, broom handle, blankets, shoe boxes, sofa pillow, boxes etc. But the emphasis of this exercise you should not put on speed, but rather on skill and obedience, so that your dog does not get hurt.

Suggestions for your living room-course

You can build from several chairs a tunnel so the dog can crawl through. From two stacks of books and a broomstick you in a breath a hurdle for your best friend. From boxes or water bottles you can build a slalom. Sofa pillows can serve as a shaky path. For balance training you can put a shelf over two boxes, for example. But always keep in mind the safety and risk of injury of your dog. Your constructions should be therefore stable.

If you have a hula hoop at home, so you can use it for jump exercises. Initially you should place the tire in contact with the ground. If the dog jumps through without fear, you can lift the tire gradually. Look to it that the floor is not slippy.

With clear signals then you can guide the dog through your self-designed indoor course with calm and tranquility. You can take treats or a favorite toy as a tool. A lot of fun is waiting to happen.

Hearing programs against fears

Many dogs suffer from anxiety or panic when they hear certain sounds. Here audio CDs can contribute to desensitization. On the market there are a number of noise-CDs with all kinds of noises.

If your dog, for example, is very much afraid of thunder noises you can play very quietly such a CD. Your dog should not have anxiety symptoms otherwise decrease the volume. You should be very calm and relaxed. While the CD is playing, you can play, give him a treat or deal in any other way with your dog. If your dog remains calm and not afraid the volume can be increased.

Tip: If a sound is no longer played, then you can also stop with playing or dealing with your dog. So the dog will associate these sounds with fun, play and reward and will reduce the fears faster.



Hide and seek games

Hide and seek games are a meaningful activity, because these make the dog not only great fun, but also train the concentration and smelling. Therefore, such games are suitable for the physical and mental training for the dog.

You can simply begin such exercises by hidden or even lying down a treat or a toy in the sight of the dog. Here you can give a command such as "search". It is important that you always use the same command. After several successful experiences the difficulty can be increased. Thus, the object being sought can be hidden, for example, under a sofa pillow or in another room so the dog can’t see it.

Intelligence toys for dogs

Nowadays, there is a numerous selection of intelligence toys for dogs, such as puzzle games or treat balls. For the dog, it is a challenge to move, to nudge, to pull or to push away the toy, so that he gets the treat. Some impatient dogs are very rough and coarse. Therefore, it is always advisable that you are nearby. In addition, your little friend will be glad, if you can praise him for his exploits. Intelligence toys are usually not quite cheap. But skilled handyman can also self-assemble some toys at home.

Game rules

  • You should set the rules of the game, including beginning and duration.
  • Increase the level of difficulty only gradually.
  • Do not overcharge your dog permanently with new exercises.
  • Play only for a short time.
  • Before each exercise let your dog exercise a command (such as "sit"), so that no overzeal arises.
  • No false ambitions. Playing should always be fun for your dog.


With this two-part article series, you have great alternatives for indoor games and activities with your dog. Have fun with your best friend.

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