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One of the most beautiful dog beaches in Europe - Noordwijk (Netherlands)

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One of the most beautiful dog beaches in Europe - Noordwijk (Netherlands)

Hundestrand in Noordwijk HollandDog Beach in Noordwijk, Netherlands

Noordwijk is known as the "flower seaside resort of Europe." It is a modern seaside town with lots of history and the famous "bollenstreek", the largest growing area for flower bulbs in the Netherlands. Noordwijk is located in South Holland, between Amsterdam and Den Haag. In the southern part of the 14km-long beach there is a separate dog beach. Here dogs can move and run around freely throughout the year. The beach can be reached by the Königin Astrid Boulevard. At the beach-access 1, the about 4 km long and beautiful dog beach extends up to Katwijk.


The beach in Noordwijk is surrounded by beautiful nature with dunes and forest areas. An ideal surrounding for relaxed outings and walks with your four legged friend. The dog beach is surprisingly clean, which reason is that the dog owners take the dog poop away. There are in the whole area many free bag dispenser.

Tony der Mops am Hundestrand in Holland  Tony der Mops am Hundestrand in Holland

Tony der Mops am Hundestrand in Holland  Tony der Mops am Hundestrand in Holland
Tony had a lot of fun at the dog beach with his buddy Kodak

Noordwijk beach  has also the international "Blue Flag" and the label "Quality Coast". These are awarded annually to seaside resorts that promote a clean, safe and environmentally friendly swimming area as well as for sustainable tourism. In addition, this coastal region has by recent measurements the best air quality in the Dutch North Sea coast.

In the remaining beach in Noordwijk (e.g., between the beach-access 2 and access 21) dogs are only from 01 September to 31 May allowed. At access 24 and 27, there is a leash obligation throughout the year.




Tony's Tip: The beach pavilion for dogs 

Leckerlis auf der Speisekarte

Another highlight for dog lovers is the beach pavilion "Take 2". Dogs are very welcome here. This is located at the entrance of beach-access 1 right at the beginning of the dog beach. Here also water bowls for the dogs are prepared, that you can fill up. On the menu you will find next to dishes and drinks for the two-legs also small snacks for the dog. The staff is very dog friendly. The dogs get a welcome treat when ordering. A beautiful idea that humans and dogs gratify. On the beach and on the terrace there are enough seating areas, where you can wonderful relax after a beach walk.

Approx. 10-15 minute walk from the dog beach, there is located downtown. There are many restaurants and shops where you can stroll. There are two main streets: Kerkstraat and Hoofdstraat (near the sea).

Throughout Noordwijk, there are many hotels and apartments where dogs are welcome. Some accommodations take an additional fee for the four-legged friend. The best is to check before you book. We had e.g. pay an additional fee of 7.50 euros per night for Tony.




In Noordwijk, there is an extensive network of trails for hiking. The varied landscape of pine forests, wild dunes and colorful tulip fields (in spring) invites you to make beautiful walks with the dog. More information about the hiking trails you will get at the Visitor Center (Address: De Grent 8, Noordwijk 2202).

Noordwijk is also suitable for longer stays to make holidays with your dog. Due to the central location, you can also take daytrips from here to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Den Haag. The cities are located not more than 40 km from Noordwijk.

The dog beach at Noordwijk is highly recommended for dog lovers. Here you can have a great time together with your best friend. The beach is very clean and ideal for long walks with the dog. The four-legged friends can run around in the water and on the beach with other dogs and expand energy. In the dog-friendly beach pavilion dog and owner can relax and recharge. Furthermore, you can take the dog in the beautiful and varied landscape for walks in the pine forests or wild dunes. The central location also provides for longer stays, the possibility of trips to the surrounding cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag. Tony and his buddy Kodak had a lot of fun. We will definitely go there again.

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