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Tips for holiday with dogs

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Tips for holiday with dogs

More and more dog owners want to take their best friend on holiday, rather than leave him with relatives or in a boarding kennel. No wonder, because holiday with the dog can be a great experience and an unforgettable time. However, the trip with the dog needs to be well planned and prepared so that it will be a success. How to find suitable holiday destinations and accommodations and what you need to consider in the planning and preparation for the trip, you will get to know in this article.


Tips for holiday with dogs - Tony The Pug

Finding the right holiday destination

Before you can start doing planning your trip, you have to think what you can expect of your dog. If your dog is already used to traveling and to longer journey times, you can aim for more distant vacation spots. Here you have to decide whether you want to go by car or by train. By car, it has the advantage that you can plan enough walking breaks for the dog. Basically, however, long journeys mean stress for the dog.


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Traveling by plane is not really recommendable. Here, you have to know that the dog must travel in the most airlines from a body weight of 6-8 kg in the cargo hold. This means great stress for the pets and also for the dog owners. A flight would possibly only be an issue when it comes to long-term stays. For a two-week vacation, it is rather inadvisable that the dog is be exposed to this stress in the cargo hold.

Where should you go? Germany and many European countries, such as Holland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Croatia and Austria are popular destinations for travel with the dog. In many areas dogs are allowed and welcome. The number of dog beaches has increased significantly in recent years.

One of the most beautiful beaches for dogs in Europe is in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

So a water fun is pre-programmed with your best friend. In the hot season you must consider that dogs may suffer at high temperatures. The dog should have always enough to drink. A cooling in the sea, lake or even with fresh water from the bottle also creates a remedy. In this context, you should tend to avoid very hot and humid regions.

Also, you can do great hikes, walks or city trips together and explore the surrounding area with the dog.





In recent years, it has done a lot in the field of accommodations where pets are allowed. There are more offers and also websites that have specialized on it. You can find apartments, hotels, campsites or holiday homes. The hotel industry has responded to the increasing demand that more and more dog owners would like to take the dog on vacation.

Planning and preparation for the trip

If you have decided for a destination with appropriate accommodation, you should plan and prepare the travel with your dog.

It is best to begin with the vet visit. Here you can discuss with the vet the travel plans, can provide information on the respective entry requirements of the dog, check the dog and you can catch up on important vaccinations. It is also advisable to assemble a little dog-medicine chest, so that in an emergency, our little friend can be cared.

If you should be traveling by car, the dog should be properly secured. To this end, there are specially seat belts for dogs that can be attached to the harness. You can also transport the dog safely in a dog box. For a sufficient activity of your dog, you should take his favorite toys and chew bones with you.

While traveling by car, you should take regular breaks every two to three hours for the dog so he can get some movement, can do his needs and can drink.

A small checklist for the holidays with your dog:

Before the Trip

  • Inform for entry requirements of the country for dogs - Consider also countries where you drives through
  • Register always the dog when booking
  • Vet visit: discuss travel plans, check the dog, obtain necessary medications and documents, catch up on important vaccinations
  • Research of addresses of veterinarians in the tourist area
  • For the car ride: get a dog seat belt or a dog box
  • Buying sufficient food, chew bones, etc. for the duration of your holiday

In baggage

  • Vaccination certificate / EU pet passport (for EU or other international travel)
  • Copy of dogs liability insurance
  • Collar, harness, leash
  • Muzzle (in some countries compulsory)
  • Water- and food-bowl
  • Food, treats, chew bones
  • Brush, comb
  • Blanket (dog bed )
  • Toys
  • Dog waste bags
  • Towel
  • Fresh water
  • For safety: A dog tag with holiday / home address and mobile phone number
  • Kitchen towels




Dog first aid kit

  • Medicine of your dog
  • Tick tweezers
  • Flea Comb
  • Disinfectant / wound spray
  • Dressing material
  • If necessary, a remedy against  travel sickness
  • Anti-flea and tick remedy (e.g. spot-on preparations)
  • Remedy against diarrhea

If you miss something important in the list, you can add it in the comments below. A well planned vacation can be an unforgettable moment together with your dog.

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