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Winter holiday with your dog

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Winter holiday with your dog

Is winter holiday with your dog at all possible? Yes, definitely! A properly planned winter holiday with the dog is a very nice experience, which gives much joy to animal and human. Find out what possibilities there may be for a winter holiday with your dog.

Winter holiday with your dog - Tony the pugTony loves the snow

During winter vacation, the dog usually stays with family members, friends or acquaintances. But this does not need to be so. There are plenty of deals in which the dog can have winter fun and also get one’s money’s worth. Whether snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or fabulous winter walks in the beautiful nature. The offer is diverse and offers unforgettable moments with your best friend.


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For the more adventurous, a snowshoe hike may be right thing. Here you can become one with nature and enjoy the secluded snow landscapes and magical winter world with your dog. There are special trails that are marked as snowshoe trails. Many tour operators offer guided tours.

But can you just pack snow shoes, take the dog and go hiking? This is not necessarily recommended. In advance you have to bother and get some information about the spot, so that your dog can have a lot of fun. If you have a smaller dog, you need to inform, how the roads are constituted or whether a lot of fresh snow has fallen because smaller dogs can often get stuck in deep snow.





However, larger dogs can also burn oneself out at higher snow, even if it does not look like it. Therefore it is always important to take breaks. Otherwise, the snowshoeing with the best friend is a fun experience to enjoy nature and the winter wonderland.

Here some important tips for snowshoeing with the dog:

  • Select the length and difficulty of the tour to the physical condition of the dog and the holder and to the snow conditions.
  • The weather conditions should be checked before each tour.
  • Arrange enough time for plenty of breaks.
  • Let your dog drink sufficient water during the snowshoe hike.
  • Put some lotion to the paws: bag balm or vaseline so that no snow and lumps of ice may form between the toes of the dog. This can be painful.
  • Start your tour early and plan to return in the early afternoon, so that you have sufficient reserve time before nightfall.
  • Respect for nature and wildlife.


Cross-Country Skiing

The tourism industry has come to realize that more and more tourists want to take their dog in the winter holidays. There are now own dog trails (about 1-10 km) where you can practice cross-country skiing with your dog. Such dog trails are mostly short and circular and the dog can also move freely. The dog should accordingly have a good condition, because it is still an endurance sports. You should adapt the tempo to your dog and take breaks in which the dog can drink. The dogs can really let off steam here and can relax in the evening in front of a fireplace, with masters and mistresses.

Dog Ski Trails in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Berner Ober– / Mittelland:

Place Lenght of
Dog Ski Trail
Gstaad / Saanenland / Lauenen  2 km
Jaunpass / Boltigen 10 km
Lauenen 7 km
Saanen 3 km


Gstaad Mountain Rides im Berner Oberland:

Saanenmöser                                      5 km
Schönried   5 km


Alpes Fribourgoises:

Bulle / Gibloux                                     6 km 


An-deer– Zillis                                  4 km
 Arosa (Obersee) 1 km
 Davos  11 km
 Klosters  9,5 km
 Laax/ Flims  1,5 km
 La Punt/St. Moritz 7,5 km
 Madulain  1,5 km
 Pontresina  10 km
 Sagogn  2 km
 Samedan  4 km
 Savognin  9 km
 Schanf  1,5 km
 Silvaplana  5 km
 Zuoz  5 km


Massif du Jura:

St. Cergue                                         4 km
Croix / Les Rasses   10 km

East Switzerland:

Alt St. Johann                                      2 km
Flumserberg   5 km


Leutasch                                          1,5 km
Pertisau / Achenkirch   1,7 km
Saalfelden 10 km




Isny / Buchenberg / Allgäu                   8 km

Source: Hundeinfoportal.de

Dog Ski Trails in North America

A list of resorts and trails that are grouped alphabetically by state and province you will find on the following link. -->  To the list of the Cross Country Ski Areas Association

Winter Hiking

Winter hiking is suitable for every dog, if the tour is adapted to the condition and constitution of the dog. Dogs love to romp in the snow. One leisurely hike through the beautiful winter landscape in which man and dog have fun, there is nothing that speaks against it.




The paths should ideally be cleared and not scattered. Split can injure the dog's paws and salt spreading is usually licked by the dogs of the paws, so that there may become diarrhea or vomiting. If the paths still be scattered, wash the paws of your dog after the walk off with lukewarm water. Also here it is recommended to put some lotion to the paws like bag balm or vaseline before the hike.

No matter what you decide to do, with a good planning and paying attention to some things that will be an experience with lots of fun with your four-legged friend.

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